QUEEN VEE: Getting reaaaaally tired of people chastising me for not canceling my ME3 preorder to boycott the game.


I got the Collector’s edition. It comes with the DLC sooooo duncurr SORRY

I saved forever because I wanted the collector’s for the last game and there is no way in hell I’m not going to buy it. There are more important things to boycott. Like the US gov for violating the rights of…

Black March.

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    Black March.
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    Hey. Hey. You bought a game that you enjoy. I got the CE edition as well and if someone say I am a bad person for paying...
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    There are people getting on to others for getting/keeping the pre-order of the Collector’s Edition because of the DLC?...
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    I don’t even like Mass Effect and this boycott thing sounds like bullshit. I’ve seen the same crap about FF XIII-2’s DLC...
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    Makes me laugh. If they were such fans of the game they would have ordered the collector’s edition! SO the DLC comes out...
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    I don’t get this boycott, this is not the first game to do this nor will it be the last. Would they rather only people...
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    When I first heard about the whole uproar over the day one dlc with the prothean, I was pretty upset. It was coming from...
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    I was given shit for it by my RL friends who are no longer buying it sadly XD If it had been internet peeps I would have...
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    Wait. Why is it getting boycotted?
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    Are people really bitching at people who aren’t boycotting? Seriously? Some of us aren’t petty enough to ruin their fun...